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currently half awake, half alsleep, sheets covering my eyes so I'm not actually looking at what I'm typing. I'm foo and I'm basically setting this up this account right now in the hope of it being benifitial in the future, plus as tired as I am right now, I cant seem to fall asleep, it sucks. Starting this account cause everyone else in the cosplay group I beloung to desided to make accounts here, cans some times we like to do role play online for the hell of it in the characters we are going to cosplay as. iI'm not really a writer, the english lauguage tneds to hate me for some unknown reason, of courese all lauguages seem to hate me as it hard for mind to wrap around them in lgical way to make sense of them to put to usable use and thingy's. lalalalalalalalallalalalalalalalalalallallalalalalalalalalalalarosebud.a.a.a.a.aldkf;oaa;alalalalalalalala


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